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Monday, February 17, 2014

Are You Sitting on A Pot of Gold? How to Create an Additional Revenue Stream with Online Staffing

Everyone who works in staffing, from the president of the company down to the recruiters, understands that it is a lot of work to screen, interview, and enter every possible candidate into the database. Even after all the time invested in the process, not everyone you meet will be a fit for an open job. Staffing is often a game of being in the right place at the right time. The candidate might be in your office at the right moment for a hot open position while others are looking for something different like telecommuting or part time work. 

How do you keep track of stellar candidates who aren't a good match for your current available jobs? 

On the flip side, staffing services are often called upon by clients for short term projects or immediate needs. This begins the process of "smiling and dialing" everyone in the database to see if just a few will be available or open for the opportunity. This can be particularly time consuming and other important work will go undone as recruiters scramble to fill these jobs.

What if you could create a self-service database of those candidates?

These candidates are often available and eager to do work on a short term project or on a moment's notice. Not only would you be able to reach out to candidates who may otherwise languish in your employee pool but you can offer an added value to your clients by giving them an opportunity to connect  with these employees at their time of greatest need. This can also help engage your pool of candidates as you continue to search for their perfect permanent career opportunity. 

Imagine giving someone the possibility to do additional work to make some extra income as they wait for their right permanent job opportunity to become available. Each of your candidate's has skills that can help your clients on a temporary or as needed basis. They could have experience in anything from graphic design to data entry and everything in between. 

Online staffing revenue is projected to reach $3 billion in 2014. 
Are you leaving money on the table? 

NextCrew provides a cloud based and customizable software platform which allows your service to create an online staffing business that works for your specific industry, clients, and candidates. The platform offers an optional self-service function so your employees and clients can interface with it as needed. You can also integrate the back-end with your in-house payroll system or VMS.

Based on the way you choose to implement your system, clients can either search for your staff and invite them for a job or simply post a job and hire people once they show interest. Hiring can be done onsite or off-site. Once the assignment is complete, your client can rate the work and approve the employee timesheet. It is as simple as that. 

With standardized candidate profiles, it is very easy to identify quality candidates for short term opportunities whether hourly or project based.. Online staffing is not only for remote work. The NextCrew system allows clients to specify if the work can be done on or off-site. They are able to search candidates based on location to make each temporary placement as successful as possible.  

Are you read to tap into your gold mine and have a piece of $3B this year?

Contact NextCrewtoday to learn more!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Designing the Perfect Talent Pool: How Staffing Companies Can Customize Placements

Contingent staffing is a complicated game. Staffing agencies, recruiters, and account managers spend time getting to know their customers to determine not only which set of skills are right for their open jobs but also about their corporate culture, their permanent staff, and the personality types that would fit into their office environment. Shoehorning a qualified candidate into an ill-suited situation can be devastating not only to the client but also to that individual. However, once a service spends time getting to know their client base they find it easy to spot individuals who will succeed. 

The question then remains how much time does any staffing service need to spend creating customized recruiting solutions for each of their clients. I can remember from my days as a recruiter we may have several large customers who utilized our services weekly or even daily, but other smaller companies would only contact us when their situations necessitated a new hire. Even when they did not have a need we continued to meet qualified candidates who we felt were an excellent fit for their company. How could we keep this information organized and make this new talent available easily without spinning our wheels as recruiters.

With NextCrew Online Staffing platform, staffing companies can create client specific talent pools that target their specific business and populate them with individuals who would be a good fit.

If a client specializes in IT they will only see IT professionals in their system when they log in. If the IT client prefers individuals who also have a background in customer relations the pool can be narrowed down even further. Let your clients know that you have handpicked these candidates for their business based on their specific skills and ability to fit in with the organization. 

Your clients may not hire people every day or even every month but when they have a need it is often urgent. If you have the ability to create customized candidate pools that speak to their specific industry recruiters can stay ahead of the game and spend the majority of time sourcing new talent rather than contacting individuals for each new open position. 

Your client will be grateful to have access to trained professionals already prescreened for their company. 

To learn more about how to create customized private talent pools for your clients, contact NextCrew:workforce management for the new world. 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Workforce Management and the Hospitality Industry in 2014

Image by Ryan Biller via Flickr

So many things have happened in the last few months that are impacting all levels of the employment industry. Every branch of business that makes use of contingent employees will be facing different challenges this year. Here is a look at how current trends will affect the hospitality industry in the months to come. 

With the changes that come with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), experts believe that business owners will make hiring decisions that are impacted by the law's definition of full time employment and the number of employees they need to have to participate in the law. Some business, especially in hospitality, will decide to reduce hours or staff before the government enforces the employer sponsored healthcare portion of the ACA. 

One potential solution to this issue for hospitality employers is to work with a service provider who can staff skilled workers for their business. A crew hired as part of a temporary or contingent workforce will not be counted among the permanent staff when it comes time to determine the company's participation in the ACA. It is even expected that contingent employment will surpass permanent jobs over the next several years.  

Beyond the ACA, companies are dealing with two additional issues. Many baby boomers will be retiring over the next several years and if companies are proactive about replacing them there will be an employment gap. Companies need to attract the younger generations, including Millennials, and to do that they will need to consider issues important to those workers such as good brand management. Generation Y is looking for collaboration, work/life balance, and good company online interaction. Especially for the hospitality industry it will be important to promote the brand in a positive way on channels such as Facebook and Twitter. 

This opens the door for workforce management services throughout the hospitality industry to pick up the slack in the market. Companies who provide contingent employees specifically for hospitality can not only help with the need for additional staff, but can also use their online brand and reputation to attract the best possible candidates to work these assignments. 

NextCrew is workforce management for the new world. We work with our clients to create a seamless system that will please both their clients and their crew. Contact us to learn more today!  

Monday, February 3, 2014

Tapping Into the Talent of Recent Graduates: Can Online Staffing Be the Answer?

Image by Sadie Hernandez via Flickr

In 2012, recent college graduates were looking at a 53% unemployment rate. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), businesses were only looking to hire 2.1% more recent graduates in 2013 than they did the year before. These numbers are staggering but it is important to look at the underlying reasons and, especially, the solutions. 

A study conducted by Adecco shows that 66% of employers surveyed do not believe that graduates are prepared for work after college. 

One big obstacle grads face is a lack of experience in their chosen field. While many universities are offering programs for their students to gain experience, such as internships, these opportunities are not available to everyone. The ability for graduates to find employment after they leave is just as important to the college as it is for the individuals looking for work.  A university or trade school with a higher percentage of working graduates will have the reputational advantage against similar schools. 

On the flip side, employers are often looking for short term or temporary staff to help out with projects. These kinds of assignments can be perfect for the introductory resume of a recent graduate. While companies often make use of job fairs and career offices at these schools, not every organization is able to do this. They may turn to temporary services to help staff these roles quickly and efficiently. What if the schools could offer the same service for both their students and interested employers? 

Image by John Walker via Flickr
While employment statistics for recent grads still look grim the opportunities for online staffing are growing immensely. The expected market in 2014 is $3 Billion with growth expecting to reach $46 Billion by 2020. Putting these two markets in touch with one another in the most effective way can only benefit both parties. 

A white labeled online staffing solution may be a perfect addition for college career services offices. The ability for under- or unemployed college students and graduates to find additional work within their field to gain experience is invaluable. Colleges able to provide these services will have an excellent marketing opportunity to draw new potential students to their door. The cloud based system makes it very easy for students and employers to access information on the university branded site. 

At NextCrew, we believe that the evolution of staffing is online workforce management. Our product can offer traditional channels for contingent workers but also creative solutions for pressing employment issues facing our young people today. Contact us today to learn more!