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Monday, February 10, 2014

Designing the Perfect Talent Pool: How Staffing Companies Can Customize Placements

Contingent staffing is a complicated game. Staffing agencies, recruiters, and account managers spend time getting to know their customers to determine not only which set of skills are right for their open jobs but also about their corporate culture, their permanent staff, and the personality types that would fit into their office environment. Shoehorning a qualified candidate into an ill-suited situation can be devastating not only to the client but also to that individual. However, once a service spends time getting to know their client base they find it easy to spot individuals who will succeed. 

The question then remains how much time does any staffing service need to spend creating customized recruiting solutions for each of their clients. I can remember from my days as a recruiter we may have several large customers who utilized our services weekly or even daily, but other smaller companies would only contact us when their situations necessitated a new hire. Even when they did not have a need we continued to meet qualified candidates who we felt were an excellent fit for their company. How could we keep this information organized and make this new talent available easily without spinning our wheels as recruiters.

With NextCrew Online Staffing platform, staffing companies can create client specific talent pools that target their specific business and populate them with individuals who would be a good fit.

If a client specializes in IT they will only see IT professionals in their system when they log in. If the IT client prefers individuals who also have a background in customer relations the pool can be narrowed down even further. Let your clients know that you have handpicked these candidates for their business based on their specific skills and ability to fit in with the organization. 

Your clients may not hire people every day or even every month but when they have a need it is often urgent. If you have the ability to create customized candidate pools that speak to their specific industry recruiters can stay ahead of the game and spend the majority of time sourcing new talent rather than contacting individuals for each new open position. 

Your client will be grateful to have access to trained professionals already prescreened for their company. 

To learn more about how to create customized private talent pools for your clients, contact NextCrew:workforce management for the new world. 

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