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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

United Nations Seeks Online Staffing Provider

On August 15th, 2014, Staffing Industry Online Published a statement from the U.N. in New York City regarding their search for an online staffing provider. 

“The UN requires a Contractor that provides an online platform of freelance services to acquire professional services in performing specific tasks covering a range of activities,” according to the expression of interest. 

The United Nations is looking to partner with a provider who is able to give them access to a private talent pool so they can source talent on demand such as illustrators, graphic designers, data analysts, data visualization specialist, technical writers and proofreaders for multiple languages, game designers, computer programmers, mobile application developers, search engine optimization specialists, and events coordinators. These assignments will typically be short term and on short notice. 

Staffing services, such as those within Information Technology, can utilize a workforce management system like NextCrew to manage their currently inactive talent pool and provide access for the United Nations. This high profile account has the potential for great success for the agencies and the individual contractors involved in the projects.  

Not only can this staffing platform be used for the U.N. but it can also be customized for any potential clients with similar, short term needs. 

Click for more information on creating private talent pools and providing online staffing

The NextCrew platform would allow staffing companies to create a specific private talent pool to customize the experience for the individual clients. Top performers and those with specific skills can be recommended to the clients based on their requirements. 

The scheduling system in our workforce management and online staffing platform would also allow the UN or other businesses to request talent for onsite or remote projects directly with the online interface. This connects them directly with the talent pool and allows your recruiters to focus on sourcing and providing new talent rather than managing individual assignments. Tasks can be posted either hourly or on a project basis depending on the needs of the customer. 

NextCrew can also integrate with existing applicant tracking systems and payroll systems to make the transition to online staffing as seamless as possible. 

With online staffing your business can launch to the next level and help provide talent to one of the most critical organizations in the world. Contact NextCrew to learn more!  

Monday, July 14, 2014

Tapping into Hidden Talents

Rarely are people one dimensional. When you're recruiting for specific positions such as accounting or labor you're pulling from a pool of multi-talented people, even if you don't know it. Every person who walks through your door can do many jobs; they just might not let you know right away. 

Conventional job searching techniques teach candidates to be very specific about what they want. They are told to focus on the exact job duties of the position for which they are applying and tailor their resume to fit that need. They are told to be the solution to an employer's problem and that means focusing on the details.
But one of the biggest complaints from job seekers is that they feel pigeon-holed or unappreciated for their many talents. 

Your staffing service may be focused on healthcare, information technology, or light industrial placements but your pool of candidates can be qualified for more types of work. You may only be concerned about that one skill set each person has to offer when they walk through their door, but in doing that you are ignoring the potential of all the other talents they have. 

What if you knew that your coding candidate works part time as a graphic designer? Could this be a revenue stream your business is missing out on? 

Multi-dimensional candidates can surprise you. A nurse could also be a yoga instructor. An administrative assistant could also be a freelance bookkeeper. Would just having the knowledge of this help you tap into new ways to generate business for your company? 

Many candidates are willing to work part-time between jobs to earn money. Some may even prefer this work. They may be able to work part time to generate income for themselves, revenue for you, and help a wider client base than you thought possible. 

Of course, if you're an IT consulting firm or a travel nurse staffing provider you probably don't want to spend your time marketing irrelevant services to businesses in your community. What if an online staffing resource could provide you with that platform with minimal work and internal processes? NextCrew provides an online staffing platform which allows companies to create new revenue stream by leveraging trends and processes of online staffing. Businesses can posts their needs on the portal where candidates can access them, respond, and accept or decline opportunities. 

Monday, June 2, 2014

Online Staffing: Making the Most of Your Employee Inventory

I talk to a lot of individuals within the staffing industry. From account managers to recruiters, anyone who has been in the business for a while has a similar origin story. When they began in temporary staffing, often before Y2K, their companies hadn't yet embraced computers. Their databases were binders full of handwritten applications which were often organized by skill set rather than by name. If a call came in for a receptionist they would pick up the book labeled "receptionist" and start paging through. 

Many staffing companies were late adopters of computerized databases but it was pretty obvious that their systems were outdated. Eventually they needed to invest in new technology to stay competitive in the market. The same is true today.

Brick and mortar staffing companies have the objective to be the best customer facing representatives while still sourcing the best talent from the surrounding communities. This can still be true even if the technology helps them become more efficient.

A small staffing agency owner once told me that only 15% of their total applicants would ever be placed on a job. 

True or not, that number is astounding. 

Databases may not be enough to sustain traditional staffing companies today. There is a big gap between applicant tracking software and the back office which, right now, is only being serviced by recruiters in the office. A client requests a temp and recruiters or administrators contact potential employees. When an employee accepts they are placed on a job order, directions are sent, and a confirmation call is made. This may simply been the way it has always been done, but that doesn't necessarily make it the most efficient system.

Imagine this: 

A used car salesman has dozens of cars on his lot. 
The salesman and his staff spend a lot of time making sure the cars are maintained and ready when the right buyer comes along. 
But the cars continue to sit.

What if the car lot had the opportunity to rent out these cars while they continued to wait for the right buyer? Each car would generate additional profit for the car lot. The people who have a special need for a car but either can't afford to own one or don't need one long term can benefit from the use of these cars. Eventually, the perfect buyer would walk on to the lot and the car would find its way into a new garage. 

Staffing companies spend lot of time and resources interviewing candidates on daily basis. NextCrew provides white label online staffing platform which allows staffing companies to generate additional revenue by leveraging the trends and processes of online staffing. At the same time the self-service portal allows candidates to stay engaged with a staffing company until they have found their dream job.

Online staffing solutions are a win/win prospect for everyone involved in the cycle of staffing. Check out information on NextCrew's services and how we can work with you to design a platform customized for your business. 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Jump to the Next Curve – Part 5: Getting Started

This is part 5 of our Jump to the Next Curve Series. Be sure to read the first, second, third and fourth installments as well. 

We've already discussed what online staffing is, the trends and challenges, and how to create customized talent pools for your clients. So, what does it all mean for your business? If you want to take the leap and jump to the next curve to provide contingent workers for your valued clients, how do you get started?

There are just a few things you'll need to establish your online staffing platform which will allow you to engage more of the talent you've screened and provide additional services to your customers.

  •  Match the options to your current business model. Do you want to provide a way to connect candidates to clients in a seamless fashion? Do you want to create customized talent pools for your client's specific needs? The first decision you need to make is what kind of online staffing resource you want to be.
  • Learn about the available technology. Creating your own system can be expensive and time consuming. An attempt to build a solution from scratch or use your current software in a manner inconsistent with its design can lead to distractions and disappointment. You may want to consider working with a workforce management technology provider. They can partner with you to create a customized platform, get started quickly, and allow you to focus on what you do best.
  • Be the champion for the new solution. The staffing industry is changing rapidly. If you're not moving forward you may easily be left behind. In spite of push back from management that prefers a "traditional" approach, online staffing will be a trend that can't be ignored for very long. It only takes one person in the company to get the ball rolling in the right direction. If you feel strongly about the importance of online staffing, become the champion in your company.
  •  Develop a plan and put it in motion.  Once you determine that online staffing is an important next step for your business, you need to determine a plan of action that can be executed in a timely fashion. Establish your budget, partner with the right technology provider, train your staff, and begin to transition your systems to this new world of online staffing.

Are you ready to embrace online staffing and workforce management for your business? 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Jump to the Next Curve - Part 4: The Online Staffing Marketplace

This is part 4 of our Jump to the Next Curve Series. Be sure to read the third installments as well. 

Staffing just doesn't get any less complicated. Regardless of how you position yourself to candidates and clients, you will always have mismatches. These mismatches can leave money on the table when the right opportunity doesn't come at the right time for each candidate you've prescreened. Even though this is out of your hands completely, it can affect the candidate's desire to continue to work with your company. 

No matter how hard you try using traditional staffing methods you can't find a job for everyone who walks through your doors. 

But what if you could increase the odds of having your employees hired for even short term projects?

Let's look at some of the scenarios that you and your recruiters are probably familiar with.

  •  The candidate is based in a specific location which is not a match to your current job openings.
  • Your client has a need for a specific skill set that this candidate does not possess.
  • Your candidate is interested in part time or short term work and all of your current positions are long term. Or vice versa.

      When an opportunity does cross your desk that might be a fit with these candidates they may no longer be   available. They may have accepted another opportunity or are unwilling to work with you due to displaced dissatisfaction in the recruiting process. 

In this second decade of the 21st century, this has all changed. Now is the perfect time to capitalize on these lost opportunities. 

Why now? 

Because for the first time the technology is in place to allow candidates and clients to interact directly in a safe and contained system that is bridging the employment gap. 

There are multiple ways you can design your candidate market place.
  •  You can focus on creating the customized talent pools that we discussed in the previous blog installment.
  • You can create lists with focused skills to market to businesses on your sales target list.
  •   You can allow employees to access certain job orders through your client base to encourage them to apply.

Automating this process with a workforce management tool and online staffing system allows recruiters to be hand-off. They can focus the human factor on sourcing and hiring the best candidates and developing relationships with them and the clients. The technology doesn’t replace the recruiter but is allows them to concentrate on the part of their job that can earn the company money in the long term. 

An online staffing marketplace can also take advantage of revenue streams that have previously been off the table. Allowing employers to access the candidate database directly in a controlled way will give them more opportunities to bring in employees for short term projects and allow more employees to work steadily as they wait for long term positions to become available. 

The fifth and final installment of the Jump to the Next Curve series will feature how to get started and take advantage of this technology for your business. Don't forget to read parts 1, 2, and 3. 

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Jump to the Next Curve - Part 3: Provide Access to a Private Talent Pool

This is part 3 of our Jump to the Next Curve Series. Be sure to read both parts 1 and 2

In the last blog we talked about the complicated dance that is temporary staffing. So many steps make up the complex choreography. Within an agency both the recruiters and the account managers spend time getting to know each of their clients on an individual basis. Not only do they need to determine the right skill sets for new candidates but also the personality types that work best within each office environment. 

Placing an ill-suited candidates into a company can be as detrimental as placing an unqualified one. 

Once a service reaches a comfort level with their customer, they find it extremely easy to spot candidates who would excel in their environment. 

A recruiter doesn't need to recreate the wheel every time their client contacts them with a new need. However, within the staffing company situations can arise such as employee turnover which make it necessary for new recruiters to relearn each client's culture. With the right structure in place, this learning curve can be greatly shortened. This is where a customized, private talent pool can become quite useful.
Even when a company does not have a current need, a recruiter can tag a specific employee with that customer information to maintain the record electronically that this candidate is perfect for that client. Without the right workforce management tool, too much of this information stays in the brains of the recruiters causing a lack of communication for future projects. Good employees go without jobs and clients can be unhappy with the quality of service. 

Online staffing offers an excellent opportunity to create private talent pools customized for each client. When the next need arises, the information is already available and candidates can be contacted quickly. A recruiter can let their client know that these candidates have been hand selected based on their specific skills and their ability to fit within the organization as a whole. With each requirement or preference from the client, the field can be narrowed and focused so only the best candidates are submitted for any open position. 

Your clients may not hire new employees every day. They may not even contact you once a month. When they do have a need it is often urgent. Having the ability to create these private talent pools can give you the freedom as a recruiter to focus on the most important aspects of your job: connecting the right people with the right companies at the right time. 

Our next topic for the "Jump to the Next Curve" series will be the Online Staffing Marketplace. Be sure to read parts 1 and 2 as well. 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Jump to the Next Curve - Part 2: Create Your Own Online Staffing Business

This is the part 2 of our Jump to the Next Curve series. You can find Part 1 here. 

Anyone who has ever worked in the temporary staffing industry understands how to maneuver through the complicated dance that is workforce management. 

Each week, dozens of potential employees walk through the doors to interview for opportunities with the service. For every job order from a client, countless candidates will be interviewed, only three to five will be submitted, and ultimately only one candidate will get the job. This perpetuates the myths that staffing companies are standing in the way of opportunities or just want headcount for their business. While this is patently untrue, the cycle still continues. 

The sweet spot for most temporary staffing companies and their flexible employees are short term positions offering additional income or work experience. Managing these projects can take a lot of time away from a recruiter or administrators daily tasks. A client may call at 4 pm on a Friday needing 15 people to be at their facility at 7 am Monday morning. Suddenly, the end of the day tasks get set aside and the urgency to fill the position by "smiling and dialing" makes the tension in the office electric. And what happens when you can't reach everyone in time? If the job goes unfilled, that is lost revenue and candidates still not working. 

In this brave new world of online staffing, there may be a solution. 

Online staffing with self-service capabilities streamlines the experience to allow clients and candidates to take a more active role in the process. It will change the face of the industry. 

Once you've implemented your online staffing system, your candidates and clients become engaged with your organization  Optionally, you can allow your clients to manage jobs directly to the system which automates an alert to available and qualified candidates. These skilled workers can respond directly and receive all the information they need to accept and start the assignment. Candidates waiting in the wings for the perfect job to become available can now stay engaged with short term assignments if they choose. 

An online staffing system can also automate several other parts of the process in between your applicant tracking and your back office processes. 

  • Candidates can manage their profiles directly by keeping their contact information and experience up to date.
  • New jobs are broadcast to the widest range of potential, qualified candidates as soon as they come into the system. 
  • Time sheets are automatically submitted and processed by your candidates and clients each week.
  • Optionally your selected clients can post new jobs to the system which will automatically generate a notification to qualified candidates.
Integrating online staffing into your workforce management solution offerings can improve your performance and potential as a future staffing business. Imagine how you can improve your processes and take your company to the next level to focus on new revenue streams and offering the best service to both your candidates and your clients. 

What questions do you have regarding online staffing and how it can affect your business? 

Stay tuned for the next topic of our Jump to the Next Curve series: Creating a Private Talent Pool.