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Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Unsung Heroes of Your Staffing Company: Invoice and Payroll Management Team

Behind the scenes in every staffing agency is a team of payroll and billing professionals who are often underappreciated for their contribution to the success of the company. They are the ones who ensure that employees are paid invoices delivered on time. They may also handle light collections and occasional payroll issues as they arise.

Just like the front office, your back office staff can benefit from the right workforce management system. In fact, it can save your company more than 50% of cost in terms of processing payroll and invoices.

Your back office team will frequently deal with these 4 common problems:
  1. Missing Client Signatures
  2. Incorrect Pay Rate
  3. Missing Time Sheets
  4. Late Time Sheets

When you keep in mind that your payroll department may have to key in all the data by hand it can seem like common sense to find a way to automate the system. So by connecting your front end software with your back end payroll system, you can save both time and money in the long run.

At NextCrew, we believe in creating a powerful eco-system within a company by connecting both systems using our powerful open API.

Here is how it works.

Once an employee is placed on assignment and the job is confirmed, the system will automatically create electronic time sheets. It will also notify both the client and the talent. The pay rate will be automatically populated based on the client information, the skill level, and the employee rate profile. Once it is approved, it can be instantly exported into the invoice management and payroll system

Many of our clients use QuickBooks, either online or an enterprise version. Our system can be integrated with QuickBooks so payroll and billing information is automatically shared between front and back office. Then, it is a simple point and click to run payroll and create invoices. But QuickBooks isn’t all we can offer. Our system can also integrate with Paychex and other back office management systems on the market today.

So, if you want to be sure that your back and front office and integrated and running smoothly, consider a workforce management system that handles all aspects of your business. Contact NextCrew to learn more today! 


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