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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Three Reasons to Hire a Temporary Worker

It is no surprise that temporary work is expected to rise this year. It’s flexible and not just for the workers but the advantages are clear for owners.

1. The Perfect Employee
Perfect is not possible, but finding someone who is able to learn is essential. First step into finding a quality employee is to acknowledging perfection should not be on the job description.

Owners are “leaving vacancies unfilled for months and months while they hunt for somebody who could come in tomorrow and do the job. They are passing by people who would take a few days of training to get up to speed. They don't know what it costs to keep these positions vacant or how little it would cost to give people a few days of ramp-up,” says Peter Cappelli, Wharton professor and author of Why Good People Can't Get Jobs.

Many jobs have a specific skill set, but there are also jobs that capable fast-learning person can pick up with apt speed and it’s a hiring managers job to discern them. Best way to decide to to make a specific task list for each position and decide what is train-worthy and what expertise needs to be hired in specifically.

2. Employees Calling in Sick
“Cough, Sniff, I’m sooooo ill. Don’t think I can make it in today.” You have probably heard some version of this sound-effect filled phone message. No manager wants to hear it but every manager should have a backup plan.

In a survey at this time last year, workforce-management firm Kronos found that 57 percent of salaried employees said they would take a sick day even if they weren’t really sick says a report from CNBC.

NextCrew allows owners and HR Directors to search on-call workers ready to fill in for a sick day call in. Search by location and find someone in your local area. Even better, build a capable temporary team that will keep your business running efficiently even during flu season.

3. Business is GOOD!
More clients, customers, orders, and contracts. As managers you have to recognize when business brings success the workplace breeds stress.

“Workers tend to develop classic symptoms when their workload gets too much to bear, such as poor memory, fatigue and bad time management. They also exhibit odd behaviors, working too much or too little in response to the level of stress in the workplace,” says Lauren Hockenson.

Avoiding the need for extra help at work could lead to bad overall morale. There are many ways you can help ease stress of the job, by offering additional vacation time, allowing employees to choose their hours and of course calling in some extra help for smaller by time-consuming duties.

NextCrew has a passion for helping both owners and employees - by posting available temps shifts, owners can directly find local temporary work. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook and tell us what you think about temp work.