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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Demand for temporary workers : Think outside the box

According to a recent CareerBuilder survey, the demand for temporary staff rose from 28% in 2009 to 36% in 2012. The need for flexible staff will only increase and industries which have always relied on temporary workers, such as the events and catering, must now compete with business sectors that historically have not tapped into temporary resources.
Beyond the rising demand for temporary employees, companies are also dealing with a skills gap issue across the board. 12 million Americans are still out of work and hiring managers are reviewing resumes and speaking with individuals who do not have the skills to succeed in their business. For example, manufacturing is becoming an industry of technology not just labor and many workers with previous experience in industrial settings don’t have the training to keep up with advances in the field.

Staffing companies are in a unique position in today’s workplace as their very product is qualified and vetted employees. In order to answer the demands of their clients they need to have an existing pool of candidates available for any potential upcoming needs. This often means that many exceptional employees are not able to be placed on assignments as the needs of the clients don’t match the qualifications of the employee. Staff is an art reliant on timing. A temporary staffing service doesn’t earn money on a candidate who never goes to work and it is not to their advantage to actively keep someone from working an assignment.

Some candidates prefer to wait for a long term or permanent position to become available before accepting an assignment, however often times short term projects become larger, long term assignments and can even lead to a permanent hire.

What if there was a way to market your "hot and ready" talent for short term tasks, cost effectively and efficiently?

NextCrew is a private labeled web based platform which allows companies to offer their temporary workforce to their clients for short term jobs as they become available. Clients can post job orders online and once approved, NextCrew can automatically notify their workforce that work is available. Once a candidate shows interest in the opportunity the staffing administrator can review their profile and confirm them for the job.

NextCrew also allows administrator to share standardized candidate profile with their client directly through the website. Standardized profile provides information about the candidate’s experience, licenses, work-history as well as their location and availability.

NextCrew provides a quickest way for you to find next available talent based on their location, skill and availability. is an innovative online solution allowing you to efficiently manage communication and management of your workforce. By consolidating the different aspects of selecting workers, managing shifts, and communicating in a simple and easy-to-use website, NextCrew streamlines temporary staffing on a whole different level.

This is the service that temporary staffing industry has been waiting for. It can streamline the placement process for short term positions. Rather than calling hundreds of employees to fill dozens of positions a simple command can send a communication to all available candidates. This tool can also be used to effectively market talent to clients at an affordable cost and is very easy to use. NextCrew may be the best investment you make this year.