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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Out of work: What now?

We’ve all been affected somehow through recent downsizing and job cuts. The “unemployment rate ticked down to 8.5%, its lowest level since early 2009,” says Ben Casselman from the Wall Street Journal. Now is the time to stand back and set some immediate and effective ways to start earning money.
  • Evaluate your expertise - Was your previous job something you didn’t enjoy? Now is the time to start thinking about what you love and what you thrive at doing. Take a look at some of the most needed careers, healthcare for one, “Rising demand for preventative care and an aging baby boomer population will continue to create opportunities for health services professionals. Education and transportation were the runners-up, with 48% and 39% growth, respectively, in the last year,” says indeed blog on their job statistics. 
  • Act your part - Career Diva, Eve Tahmincioglu said it best in her blog, ‘Don’t look so unemployed,’ “I’m not saying you should lie, but if you mention your unemployment in a cover letter or resume you are nuts. Take that out now! I know you guys do that. I recently read a cover letter that included a few paragraphs on why the person was jobless. Forget that. No one wants to hear your sob story. Seriously, they’ll think less of you, or worse, pity you.” Take the strong approach by being confident and clear on the job you are applying. 
  • Register on NextCrew!  If you have already evaluated your expertise, it should be easy for you to register and start booking some open shifts on It can also be a way to further your communication and expertise as you search for a more permanent roll. Also, if you are working through NextCrew, you are not unemployed – it’s a perfect vehicle to avoid unnecessary unemployment questions by new employers.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Stay Focused: Find Extra Work this New Year

It's the New Year and a hard time to be unemployed. Even as a person living paycheck to paycheck it can be a money nightmare. Despite common disbelief, consider keeping up with your job search at the begining of this new year. Here are few reasons why:

  • Owners are Hiring! With the slight up-tick in spending over theHolidays, retail shops especially will be looking for workers. "The outplacement consulting firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas estimates that retailers will be adding 600,000 temporary workers across the country this year, 20% more than last year," says Elizabeth Blackwell Contributor to 
  • Competition is less. "Many job seekers do give up their job search until after the New Year," says Allison Doyle job search and employment expert of "If  you're available to interview, you'll be more competitive than those candidates who are taking a break and quitting their job search until next year."
  • Extra time for networking. All those new year plans and time off should have a secondary goal - Networking! You never know who could help you. "Always remain focused on your personal brand – everything you say and do (even what you wear) says something about you and you want those things to reflect the brand that is you," says Kathryn Marion of Denver Job Search Examiner

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