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Monday, June 2, 2014

Online Staffing: Making the Most of Your Employee Inventory

I talk to a lot of individuals within the staffing industry. From account managers to recruiters, anyone who has been in the business for a while has a similar origin story. When they began in temporary staffing, often before Y2K, their companies hadn't yet embraced computers. Their databases were binders full of handwritten applications which were often organized by skill set rather than by name. If a call came in for a receptionist they would pick up the book labeled "receptionist" and start paging through. 

Many staffing companies were late adopters of computerized databases but it was pretty obvious that their systems were outdated. Eventually they needed to invest in new technology to stay competitive in the market. The same is true today.

Brick and mortar staffing companies have the objective to be the best customer facing representatives while still sourcing the best talent from the surrounding communities. This can still be true even if the technology helps them become more efficient.

A small staffing agency owner once told me that only 15% of their total applicants would ever be placed on a job. 

True or not, that number is astounding. 

Databases may not be enough to sustain traditional staffing companies today. There is a big gap between applicant tracking software and the back office which, right now, is only being serviced by recruiters in the office. A client requests a temp and recruiters or administrators contact potential employees. When an employee accepts they are placed on a job order, directions are sent, and a confirmation call is made. This may simply been the way it has always been done, but that doesn't necessarily make it the most efficient system.

Imagine this: 

A used car salesman has dozens of cars on his lot. 
The salesman and his staff spend a lot of time making sure the cars are maintained and ready when the right buyer comes along. 
But the cars continue to sit.

What if the car lot had the opportunity to rent out these cars while they continued to wait for the right buyer? Each car would generate additional profit for the car lot. The people who have a special need for a car but either can't afford to own one or don't need one long term can benefit from the use of these cars. Eventually, the perfect buyer would walk on to the lot and the car would find its way into a new garage. 

Staffing companies spend lot of time and resources interviewing candidates on daily basis. NextCrew provides white label online staffing platform which allows staffing companies to generate additional revenue by leveraging the trends and processes of online staffing. At the same time the self-service portal allows candidates to stay engaged with a staffing company until they have found their dream job.

Online staffing solutions are a win/win prospect for everyone involved in the cycle of staffing. Check out information on NextCrew's services and how we can work with you to design a platform customized for your business.