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Monday, December 12, 2016

Are You Asking Your Staffing Administrators the Right Questions?

As the owner of a staffing agency, you need to be prepared to answer a multitude of questions surrounding the success of your business. So, are you answering the right questions to begin with? To know, you need to better understand which questions you’ll be asked. Before you begin a sales pitch to your next client, here are some of the questions you might need to ask yourself and be prepared to answer. 

Do you have enough of the right talent for your clients? 

It is nearly impossible to fit a square peg in a round hole. An agency works hard to ensure they have the right candidates at the right time and the right place, so how do you source candidates and effectively place them on the job?

How is information updated in your database? 

With the right workforce management solution, you can let your clients know that employee information is updated by the employees themselves. This makes your database more accurate overall and easier to search.

How do you engage your employees to keep them happy? 

As an agency, your product is your people. And in order to place individuals successfully, you need to ensure that they are satisfied with your service as well. What do you do to keep them engaged?

Do you have the technology to make client interaction easier? 

What can this new client expect in regards to utilizing your agency on a regular basis? How do they submit requisitions for jobs and interact with potential candidates?

Is your database optimize for mobile? 

Do you have a mobile interface for both clients and employees? Accessing information quickly and easily with a smart phone or tablet is a top priority for many individuals today.

How fast are staffing coordinators able to fill jobs? 

What is your typical time to hire? If your agency uses a workforce management system, your recruiters will be better able to focus on finding new talent rather than daily administrative processes, increasing the fill rate.   

What added value does your service provide? 

What makes you different from your competition? What can you offer in the market place that will provide added value to your clients and candidates?

How do you collect data and use it to enhance service? 

With a workforce management solution, you’ll be able to collect additional data that can be used to help your client better understand how their business is benefiting from your service. Info on top performers is just the beginning.

How efficient is the payroll process? 

The payroll process can be a pain, and if a client is used to a less efficient method they may be concerned. Can you offer new and more effective ways for employees to submit their time sheets for approval?

How am I invoiced and how can I pay? 

If the payroll process is automated by your workforce management system, is invoicing also optimized? How do you send invoices to your clients and what are your terms for accepting payments.

If want to provide positive answers to all of these questions, contact NextCrew to learn more about our product and how we can partner with your service today! 


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