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Monday, February 3, 2014

Tapping Into the Talent of Recent Graduates: Can Online Staffing Be the Answer?

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In 2012, recent college graduates were looking at a 53% unemployment rate. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), businesses were only looking to hire 2.1% more recent graduates in 2013 than they did the year before. These numbers are staggering but it is important to look at the underlying reasons and, especially, the solutions. 

A study conducted by Adecco shows that 66% of employers surveyed do not believe that graduates are prepared for work after college. 

One big obstacle grads face is a lack of experience in their chosen field. While many universities are offering programs for their students to gain experience, such as internships, these opportunities are not available to everyone. The ability for graduates to find employment after they leave is just as important to the college as it is for the individuals looking for work.  A university or trade school with a higher percentage of working graduates will have the reputational advantage against similar schools. 

On the flip side, employers are often looking for short term or temporary staff to help out with projects. These kinds of assignments can be perfect for the introductory resume of a recent graduate. While companies often make use of job fairs and career offices at these schools, not every organization is able to do this. They may turn to temporary services to help staff these roles quickly and efficiently. What if the schools could offer the same service for both their students and interested employers? 

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While employment statistics for recent grads still look grim the opportunities for online staffing are growing immensely. The expected market in 2014 is $3 Billion with growth expecting to reach $46 Billion by 2020. Putting these two markets in touch with one another in the most effective way can only benefit both parties. 

A white labeled online staffing solution may be a perfect addition for college career services offices. The ability for under- or unemployed college students and graduates to find additional work within their field to gain experience is invaluable. Colleges able to provide these services will have an excellent marketing opportunity to draw new potential students to their door. The cloud based system makes it very easy for students and employers to access information on the university branded site. 

At NextCrew, we believe that the evolution of staffing is online workforce management. Our product can offer traditional channels for contingent workers but also creative solutions for pressing employment issues facing our young people today. Contact us today to learn more!

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