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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Workforce Management and the Hospitality Industry in 2014

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So many things have happened in the last few months that are impacting all levels of the employment industry. Every branch of business that makes use of contingent employees will be facing different challenges this year. Here is a look at how current trends will affect the hospitality industry in the months to come. 

With the changes that come with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), experts believe that business owners will make hiring decisions that are impacted by the law's definition of full time employment and the number of employees they need to have to participate in the law. Some business, especially in hospitality, will decide to reduce hours or staff before the government enforces the employer sponsored healthcare portion of the ACA. 

One potential solution to this issue for hospitality employers is to work with a service provider who can staff skilled workers for their business. A crew hired as part of a temporary or contingent workforce will not be counted among the permanent staff when it comes time to determine the company's participation in the ACA. It is even expected that contingent employment will surpass permanent jobs over the next several years.  

Beyond the ACA, companies are dealing with two additional issues. Many baby boomers will be retiring over the next several years and if companies are proactive about replacing them there will be an employment gap. Companies need to attract the younger generations, including Millennials, and to do that they will need to consider issues important to those workers such as good brand management. Generation Y is looking for collaboration, work/life balance, and good company online interaction. Especially for the hospitality industry it will be important to promote the brand in a positive way on channels such as Facebook and Twitter. 

This opens the door for workforce management services throughout the hospitality industry to pick up the slack in the market. Companies who provide contingent employees specifically for hospitality can not only help with the need for additional staff, but can also use their online brand and reputation to attract the best possible candidates to work these assignments. 

NextCrew is workforce management for the new world. We work with our clients to create a seamless system that will please both their clients and their crew. Contact us to learn more today!  

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