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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Can Your Candidates Go Viral?

You may have been reading about the upswing in freelance and project workers in the last few years. Many formerly traditional workers are switching gears and starting their own businesses or working short term projects instead of aiming for a job in the workplace. There is a huge rise in on-demand staffing. Websites such as eLance or oDesk offer services to connect workers to short term projects. 

What if you could tap into that market without any additional work? 

When working with a client who has a specific staffing need, a recruiter may source dozens of candidates. The next step is to review the resumes and determine which of these candidates best match the job requirements. Then three to five resumes are submitted to the client for consideration. The client only has one open position. What started as twenty or thirty, or more, candidates becomes just one hire. What happens to the remainder of the qualified and pre-screened candidates?
There is already a stigma among job seekers that staffing agencies only collect applications or post fake jobs to lure candidates in to reach some sort of quota. This is patently false, but from the job seekers perspective they feel like they are wasting their time with the application process when they aren't placed. 

Could the percentage of placed employees increase significantly if we just began to rethink the way staffing works? 

The on-demand workforce is happening with or without the help of temporary staffing so why not tap into it with your already pre-screened base of candidates. 

Your applicants are tapping into multiple resources to help them find temporary, contract, and permanent positions. Rather than allowing your competition and the freelance marketplace to have control, offer online staffing resources as an option for businesses in your area and nationwide. Your employees will be satisfied and grateful that you are helping them find employment in every way possible.

Recruiters are generally seeking candidates with specific skills in order to submit them to a specific job. Each of these candidates is a complete person with a number of skills, abilities, and interests. Maybe someone who is looking for a permanent accounts payable position is also has an experience as a teacher and would consider working at schools to make extra money on the side. Maybe a graphic designer would take on short term projects to design logos for small businesses. 

NextCrew can design a solution that can integrate with your current systems to facilitate connections with employers looking for short term or contract workers with the skilled and pre-screened pool of candidates you already have. This can open entirely new lines of revenue and satisfy both customers and employees.

Contact us to discuss ways to market your talent and which online staffing business model might work for your business.

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