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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Anticipation: How Online Staffing Can Change The Industry Forever


Key to massive success is anticipation. – Marc Cuban

Marc Cuban anticipated that audio and video would be a critical part of the internet and started his company AudioNet (Later with that in mind. He then sold it to Yahoo for $6 Billion just a few years later. The lessons of Cuban's massive success show us that the future of staffing could be just one click away. Staffing is evolving at breakneck speed mostly due to available technology that can make it faster, easier, and more efficient. 

Massive shifts in our access to technology and information as well as the big changes facing our economy over the years has given us a new perspective on how staffing fits in to the larger corporate environment. Talent can be managed in new ways such as self-service portals, client interfaces, and an on-demand workforce. 

When you combine these three advances in staffing with payment processing it appears that online staffing will be a $46 Billion industry by 2020. Can companies afford not to explore these new strategies and technologies? 

Staffing companies have all of the information they need right now to start providing these services. They have access to talent and connections to clients. The missing piece is the technology that seamlessly integrates these two halves of their business directly with one another. There are currently over 150 online staffing platforms operating across the world today, but most, if not all, of those are companies that actually compete with, rather than enable, staffing firms.   It is important, therefore, that staffing firms not “mistake the forest for the trees” and incisively narrow down their options to find the a model that will for work their current business and allow them to move in that direction in easy to follow steps. 

Of course, no one wants to reinvent the wheel. Many companies are concerned about making such a big shift in their business offering and losing the things that set them apart from their competition. The right service provider is one who can be an extension of your current business. They will work with companies to develop tools that work with the existing systems and simply enhance what is currently available. This will provide a value added service to clients and help recruiters stay engaged with their talent pool. 

NextCrew offers a software platform for staffing companies which is very adaptable to online staffing business models. These include:
There is no need for an organization to completely change the way they currently provide services to their clients. Online staffing is designed to enhance the staffing industry and open it up to a new future of technology. Based on your business, clients and talent you work with you have to decide, which online staffing business model works best for you. It is about understanding trends of staffing industry and new ways to provide value add service to your clients as well as staying connected with your talents.

Are you ready for massive success?

Feel free to contact us to discuss online staffing business models.

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