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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Missed Opportunities: Seasonal Retail Staffing

Is September really too early to start thinking about the holiday season? Autumn decorations are starting to hit store shelves and you've probably already noticed a Halloween themed store open in your area. Could seasonal, retail employment be a missed opportunity for many agencies with a contingent workforce waiting for appropriate assignments? 

How many of your candidates would be willing to work retail jobs over the holiday season just to bring in extra money while they're waiting for a full time opportunity? For many industries the winter is the slowest hiring time so these talented candidates may be out of luck for the next several months if they aren't willing to be flexible. Many of them may even be seeking out retail projects on their own without your knowledge. 

What if you can leverage your current talent pool and make connections within the seasonal retail industry in your community? 

And it isn't just retail. Distribution companies and warehouses may also be ramping up their seasonal hiring to get through the holidays. 

Using a workforce management system can help you reach out to industries you hadn't previously considered. While sales outside of your general industry are usually time consuming, having an accessible online portal where stores and facilities can instantly connect directly with your willing talent pool can help make connections and generate additional income for your business as well as for your employees. 

NextCrew's workforce management system offers a self-service portal for employees and clients. They can connect instantly online which will require little additional work from your in-house recruiters. They can continue to focus on your core business and make sure you're strategy for the end of the year is in place. Clients can post their needs for part time or full time seasonal shift workers which can be viewed by your entire candidate pool. Candidates can accept roles directly through the system and will be sent all of the important information to ensure success. Employees can submit their weekly time sheet for the shifts they've worked directly to their managers and, in turn, to payroll at your company. This system can be integrated with your own payroll software to create a seamless process. 

NextCrew is currently working with other staffing services to provide this level of service and we want to talk with you about how seasonal staffing could boost your business during the holiday season. Contact us today!  

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