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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Jump to The Next Curve - Part 1: Online Staffing Trends and Challenges

People outside of the staffing industry don't often understand all the intricacies of the business. They see recruiters as ruthless headhunters and staffing agencies as organizations that stand in the way between employees and jobs. None of this is true, of course. The staffing industry is complex and recruiters want to place qualified candidates at good companies. That is the only way the bills get paid. 

With major changes happening in technology and the increased dependence on the internet and cloud computer, there may be a brave new world available for staffing services that never existed before: 
Online Staffing

Right now, staffing companies face 3 major challenges: 

  1. How to efficiently find the right people for specific jobs while keeping talent "on the bench" engaged with the company.
  2. How to keep revenue growing by leveraging new trends and technologies.
  3. How to introduce a new system without disrupting the current ecosystem at the company.

The biggest myths surrounding online staffing is it is only for remote freelancers or companies will be sent untested candidates who have never been interviewed or vetted by the agency. The reality really lies within the way individual companies source talent, serve clients, and keep the staff engaged. 

Online staffing is growing quickly. Current projections indicate that it will be a $16 billion industry by 2020.  

The internet has changed everything we do. It has changed how we shop, how we travel, and how we stay connected. The staffing industry needs to embrace this change or get left behind. 

Staffing companies currently spend tremendous amounts of time screening and interviewing candidates. Every recruiter knows the pain of not having a position for every star candidate who walks through their doors. When that perfect job finally crosses your desk your superstar may already be working elsewhere. Missed opportunities represent untapped revenue for your company. 

At the same time, your clients often turn to you with ASAP jobs or temporary projects. These immediate need jobs or short term, undesirable projects may feel like a waste of time for you and your candidates, but they don't have to be. They can be an opportunity to engage your talent, satisfy your client base, and earn additional revenue for your company. You already have a pool of qualified candidates, online staffing can put them to work. 

Consider a system which frees your staffing firm from the old, outdated methods and provides an efficient, smarter way to find and manage talent.  Implement a system which will help keep that talent engaged, connected, and working.   Most importantly, keep the staffing firm flexible and competitive in order to take advantage of the new and emerging trends in technology, the technology that will be imperative for the continued growth of your business.

Depending on the market you service, there are many areas of opportunity that won't change your current business models. Online staffing can allow you to create new avenues of growth for your business. 

What else do you want to know about online staffing business and how it can enhance your current business model? 

Stay tuned for the second installment, "Jump to the Next Curve Part 2: Workforce Management for the New World"

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