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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Thanks for Making Us Better: The Value of Customer Criticism

During our development process we talked with a lot of clients about what they needed for their workforce management system. Anyone who has worked in an industry that provides a client services knows that no two clients are alike. Throughout the process many clients made simple requests to make the system easier to use and others had more complicated demands. 

It is easy to stand firm and determine that your solution is only going to encompass certain needs. It is easy to say that certain functions are impossible. However, during the course of developing NextCrew's workforce management system we learned that sometimes the customer really is right and their criticism is what makes us strive to improve our product and services to meet even the most demanding customer's needs. 

Imagine how good your overall product would be if you spent enough time with your designs to make even your toughest clients pleased? If the most critical clients are happy then all of your clients would benefit from the extra work that you put into making sure the systems were the very best. 

We really appreciate the criticism that our clients provide for us to give us an opportunity to meet their needs and make our product better. 

To the perfectionist client who demanded we provide everything on their checklist; we are glad to have you in our corner. 

Using client criticism and requests for more functionality and better system features will make your business infinitely better. Here are five simple questions to ask your clients about your service and what you can do to make it better. 

  • Is our product meeting your needs?
  • What is the one thing causing you the most concern in your business? 
  • What do you envision could work to solve this problem using software or technology?
  • What can I improve to make this product even better for you?
  • How do you use this technology every day? 
It is important to thank the client for their criticism and understand that they don't mean it as an insult to your company. They simply have a technological need and feel that your product isn't solving it for them. Once you ask them these questions really listen to their answers. Commit to improve your service to meet their needs and, in turn, the needs of all of your clients.

During the development process for NextCrew, we were grateful for clients who demanded perfection. We feel that if we had been rigid about not changing system based on client request our product would not have the polished system that we are able to offer today.

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