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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Create Your Virtual Offices - Nationwide

There was a time when staffing businesses needed brick and buildings stores throughout the country, and even the world, in order to provide the proper level of service to customers in each area. With technology booming and global business evolving this is no longer the case. Many businesses, including those which utilize contingent employees, can run all of their operations out of one location. This reduces the overhead costs and streamlines the systems.

Years ago, candidates used to walk-in to and office and fill-out their employment application, And now those searches have shifted online. Regardless, how many physical locations you might have nationwide, you have to be searchable by search engines. It also applies to your potential clients. They are also searching for staffing companies or talents online regardless you have physical location in their area or not.

Depending upon capabilities of a workforce management system, you are able to create virtual locations which your clients and employees can access through the web. As your clients submit jobs directly through the system a list of matching candidates is generated based on the location where talent is required. 

As the administrator of the contingent workforce it is also easy to generate reports based on the location of each client or candidate to determine where to focus the efforts of your recruiting staff or plan for other business needs. Candidates are also able to access their own portal and specific their location and search for jobs in their area. 

  A workforce management solution offered by NextCrew, is applicable to any industry which uses contingent staff. Using built-in GEO based integration you are able to track candidate and client information to make the best match based on the virtual branches or locations. As an example, a locum tenens medical staffing provider needs to ensure that their candidates are licensed in the state of the open position. With a NextCrew each medical professional can keep their profile up to date with their current certifications and education. A locum tenens administrator can easily check if the right licenses are in place for the doctor to accept the specific project. Once the match is made, the system tracks all of the important information including hours worked and client notifications. The administrator never needs the desk and doesn't need to be located in the same state as the locum doctor. 

Your business doesn't need to be chained to a brick and mortar store front to be successful. NextCrew provides cloud based solution for staffing companies so that, they can easily grow nationwide or international without creating brick-and-mortal offices. NextCrew reduces the overall cost of operations and open your services up to new potential clients and candidates. Contact NextCrew to see how our products can help your business grow nationwide without spending lot of money to establish physical offices at multiple locations.

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