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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How to Schedule Your Temporary Workforce Efficiently

Workforce administrators often feel like they are pulled in several different directions in the course of a workday. Not only are they responsible for sourcing and interviewing potential temporary employees but also for scheduling and managing their assignments. Any tool that can make this process more efficient is welcome. Here are some basic tips for scheduling your temporary workforce more effectively and efficiently. 

  1. Clear communication with both employees and clients. Interpersonal communications is an art form and we can become easily frustrated as scheduler ("booker") when we feel we’ve been clear about a topic but the listener does not comprehend what we have said. When assigning you temporary employees it is best to do so in writing to ensure that they have received the exact directions you wish you supply. The same is true for communicating with clients. Using email or text communication can be an effective way to ensure your message has been received.  
  2. Maps and directions. There was a time when all temporary staffing was conducted without the help of computers, map websites, or GPS. Directions had to be relayed over the phone and trusted to be written down. Many recruiters bemoan the overuse of GPS since the routes are not always accurate and your crew can become lost and be late to the assignment as a result. Always provide the address, detailed directions, and consider including a link to a mapping website as part of your assignment information package.
  3. Review the job functions and duties. It is extremely important that the skills of each crew member match with the specific job requirements. Be sure to review the job description with the client and then go over the information with the assigned temporary employee. If there is clear communication on this topic you will be able to reduce the possibility of the candidate not working out.
  4. Provide the “report to” names and alternates. Far too often scheduler will schedule the temporary employees and provide the name of a manager only to learn that the supervisor is not available to check the employee in at the start of the assignment. Talk with the client about the supervisor for this role and also ask for additional back up names so if they are not available the assignment can still start smoothly for your employee.
  5. Backup solutions for emergencies.  There are any number of possible emergencies that can occur out of our control. If your employee won’t be able to start the assignment as planned, your client needs to be confident that you can provide a solution for them. It is best to determine your backup plan before emergencies happy so you can remain calm and solve the problem.

Temporary employment managers have a unique place in the current business landscape. Our product is people. It is important that we understand how to effectively communicate with all parties and schedule employees efficiently to ensure the success for both employee and client on every assignment.

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