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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Rise of the Contingent Workforce: Are You Ready?

There's change in the air, and we're not talking about the elections. The nature of the modern workforce is shifting in significant ways. One of the biggest shifts we're seeing today is the rise of the contingent workforce - an entire, large segment of ready-to-work staff who just need or want to work a short-term job.
Businesses are more and more likely to need contingent staffing options to handle unique, short projects. Instead of hiring and training full-time staff, more firms are looking for ways to bring on specialized or temporary staff to meet their needs.
But there's also a trend in workers looking for temporary opportunities as well. From contractors that just need to fill in on some downtime to students looking for jobs to the unemployed trying to keep bills paid - more workers are looking for and ready to fill temporary positions.

Leveraging Technology

One of the keys to successfully engaging this contingent workforce is through advanced technological solutions. One such solution is NextCrew which allows firms to make a job posting and all qualified staff is immediately notified via text or email - no more picking up the phone at the last minute and trying to round up a crew. NextCrew also allows those looking for jobs to maintain their own records and profiles, taking pressure of the organization.
This innovative platform is transforming the workforce by making it easier and easier for firms to actually get the staff they need quickly and efficiently. In the past companies have often found hiring full-time employees easier just so they have staff on hand for emergency projects. This doesn't have to be the case anymore.

Bigger Talent Pool = Better Results

The contingency workforce represents untold, untapped talent. Whether you are a staffing agency or your firm handles staffing internally, one of the keys to a successful project is getting the right people on the right job. The contingent workforce is incredibly mobile these days, and with the right systems like NextCrew in place, it's incredibly easy to bring in specialized staff quickly.
Staff utilization is a critical skill for staffing groups and a contingent workforce can be an excellent source of bringing in the right people fast. It just takes the right tools to manage the process.
And many of these staffers are looking for part time work for extra income. Contingent jobs usually last from a few hours long to several days, maybe a few weeks at most. So these staff can make some extra money, build their resumes, and move on without disrupting their current jobs, if they have one.

The rise of the contingent workforce is happening now and it's not going away anytime soon. The question is, are you ready?

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