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Sunday, November 4, 2012

NextCrew Transforms Short-Term Workforce Industry

From event planning to construction to the office: every growing business has the need for short-term staffing. But anyone who has dealt with this side of the business knows just how time-consuming and frustrating it can be. The typical process includes preparing a work order, sifting and sorting through candidates, and contacting them until you have your shift covered. This often takes place at the last minute requiring human resource teams to work after hours to get positions staffed.

With NextCrew, this entire process is streamlined, eliminating most of the steps traditionally required to staff short-term positions. Now you just post a work order and qualified candidates are immediately notified, respond, and can be managed in on one platform. Once a work order is posted, qualified candidates immediately receive an email or text notifying them of the opportunity, to which they can respond with the press of a button. You get notified of their interest and can finalize arrangements all from a single interface.

Post Once and Get Immediate Results

One of the most powerful features of NextCrew is the ease of engagement with qualified staffers. Instead of combing through resumes and profiles, the system automatically connects your work order to qualified staff in real-time. Candidates can immediately start responding to your work order. There's no need to send multiple emails or to pick up the phone. NextCrew connects with candidates in the way they prefer. The result is near immediate results from staff interested in the job. Post once and get the right people interested fast.
Self-Serviced Candidate Profiles

Candidates manage their own profiles, which takes all the pressure off of temporary staffing firms. No more data entry and perusing through page after page of useless resumes. Candidates can login, manage their credentials, contact information, and areas of interest. The result is reduced pressure on human resources staff who typically would have to manage the database of candidates.

One-Stop Work Order Management

Once candidates begin to respond to your work order, you have a number of tools for managing your project. From selection of candidates to communicating with those who have responded to your work order, you can quickly and easily stay on top of your project. The NextCrew platform gives you a dashboard for managing everything from the timing of your event or project to which staff will be on site at the time.
Private Label and Branded NextCrew Sites

For companies who simply want to integrate NextCrew into their brand, it's important to understand that NextCrew is simply a platform. You can provide your candidates and clients the tools available with NextCrew in a completely branded environment. You've worked hard to establish your brand! Use NextCrew to enhance it. You can host the NextCrew platform on your servers or use ours.

Why NextCrew?

NextCrew makes temporary staffing much easier and efficient with a near-social media-like interface. You only have to post a work order once and get real-time updates to the best candidates who can immediately respond with their interest. Staff up a project in minutes, not hours or days. And once you have your project staffed, easily manage your team from your dashboard.

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