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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Solution to Unemployment: Temp Work!

Are you unemployed? 
More importantly, how long have you been unemployed?

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the Unemployment rate at 8.2% in June. For the past nine months we've been hovering with an average of 8.37% which is admittedly better than 2009 which averaged 9.27% for the year, but it it still not where it should be.

Many reasons are attributed to this unemployment rate include government’s lack of creating jobs and loss of corporate profits by way of consumer sales flat lining. What does that mean? If people aren't buying, retailers aren't hiring.

College graduates reportedly have the worst prospects for employment. Huffington Post's stated that "more than two million college graduates are now unemployed and millions more are underemployed."

So what does this mean to you? Here are a few suggestions to help find a solution to your unemployment:

1. Identify what type of jobs are hiring
"About one-third of the jobs gained in June were in temporary services," reports Christopher Rugaber"Manufacturing added 11,000, its ninth straight month of gains. Health care added 13,000 jobs and financial services gained 5,000."

Based on reports, we know temp work is on the rise! There is an ease that temp and shift work provide, especially for young workers. "Temporary work can be like a paid internship, where an employer gets to try you out without making a long-term commitment. You also get to check out different employers and explore various types of workplaces, which can be eye-opening and can reveal your career passion," says Dr. Bonnie Snyder. "If you do a good job, it's likely that the employer will seek ways to try to keep you on and that you will be the first to get the nod when the economy finally rebounds."

Don't just look at what's hiring now, but look long term and start experimenting with different fields on an entry level basis. Check out the U.S. News & World Report's '25 Best Jobs' - "We’ve ranked them, comparing their projected growth to the year 2020 to their industry’s employment rate." Many careers stick out to us - particularly #1 Registered Nurse, #6 Web Developer, #11 Maintenance and Repair Worker, and #16 Meeting, Convention & Event Planner. 

2. Get involved - Register on
By registering your expertise and availability, this will link you into a network of owners looking for your specific skill. Owners can hire you over the web and hire you for one or many shifts based on their need. Just like a temp agency setting you up with a job, instead you are in charge. 

For example this shift for a Front Desk Representative in Rolling Meadows, IL could be a perfect way to work on your customer service skills. Or apply your event planning skills with this tradeshow event staff posting in Glenview, IL.

It's easy to find different job options and experiment with your strengths to find a career path. Check out our long list of expertise available and register today. Follow our blogFacebook and Twitter for valuable career advice and job postings.

3. Overcome your obstacles
It is never to late to re-evaluate where your career path will take you. It's easy to get into the bad habits of unemployment, but be sure to start with the good ones.

Keep a regular routine, check in with your family for positive reinforcement, and network wherever and whenever you can. That includes online. "With online networking, you have access to more professionals — and will inevitably make faster connections — as your connections expand throughout your industry," says Mona Abdel-Halim

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Photos by: Jbndl & Rebecca Anne 

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