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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Hire-Worthy Profile Picture

It’s not hard to pick a profile photo for Facebook - but a different kind of online profile photo is important in your job search and selection. We are talking about your professional profile photo. Yes, you need one or it may be time to re-evaluate your current one. Here are a few reasons (and tips) for selecting a quality picture for your online professional profiles.

  • A profile photo shows you real. Let’s face it – with technology it can be hard for an owner to know what is real versus spam. Uploading a photo is just one of the features that NextCrew provides on their platform for owners and providers. “People want to connect a face with a name,” according to
  • It makes you more approachable. “We do know that folks who have a photo are seven times more likely to have their profile viewed in general than folks who don’t have a photo,” Krista Canfield, a spokeswoman for LinkedIn says.
  • It solidifies your personal brand. If you are job searching, you are probably constantly using your personal brand to find and apply for the jobs you want. “Branding is about creating emotional connections... An online profile with no photo is a missed opportunity to reinforce your brand and engage people,” says Personal Branding Expert, Meg Guiseppi.
It’s up to you the type of photo you chose for a public profile. Consider a few of these tips when selecting one:
  • Mind the Basics! This means good light. A quality camera or phone with a high resolution setting. Clear view of your face that should be smiling, looking approachable and in focus. Background should not take away from main focus (you!). “Your face is the focus, not the background. Again, this is a headshot. That means you posing near the Great Wall is probably not the best choice for a main picture. Is it cool? Absolutely. Professional? Not unless you’re an ancient bricklayer,” says Justin Thompson from CareerBuilder
  • Remember the big difference between looking professional and looking interesting. Professional doesn't mean boring. How are you showing owners your personality? “When taking a ‘serious’ picture, people forget to smile. The resulting photo lacks personality or the subject appears mean and inaccessible. Look at your picture and ask yourself: “Would I want to go to lunch with this person?” says CareerDiva Eve Tahmincioglu.
  • Ask. If you are unsure if a photo would be a good choice, just ask! Reach out to a favorite teacher, friend or colleague. Gain valuable feedback on what you think your photo conveys.

Know exactly what photo to use? Upload it today to your professional NextCrew profile as you begin your job search process!

EXAMPLE: Check out our Marketing Manager, Valerie's profile on NextCrew. 

Top photo by: Rebecca Peplinski Photography | Chicago, IL